AnalystJi, India’s pioneering tech platform, emerged with a mission to unite SEBI registered Investment Advisors (IAs) and Research Analysts (RAs) to cater to investors and address their queries comprehensively. Yaxa Digital Labs played a pivotal role in materializing this vision by crafting a sophisticated website and application that streamlined communication between financial experts and investors, setting a new standard for the fintech industry.


Client Requirements

SEBI Compliance:
– AnalystJi mandated a platform that not only showcased the collaboration between Investment Advisors and Research Analysts but also ensured that all parties involved were SEBI registered. Yaxa Digital Labs had to integrate features for verifying and displaying SEBI registration details prominently.

Security and Privacy:
– The client emphasized the need for a highly secure platform that would foster confidential communication between investors and financial experts. Yaxa Digital Labs was tasked with implementing encryption protocols and privacy measures to safeguard sensitive financial information.

User-Friendly Interface:
– AnalystJi required a user interface that accommodated users with varying levels of financial literacy. The website and application needed to be intuitive, enabling efficient communication while providing a positive and user-friendly experience.

Real-time Communication:
– Real-time query resolution was a critical aspect of the platform. Yaxa Digital Labs had to design and implement a responsive system that facilitated quick and accurate communication between investors and advisors, enhancing the overall user experience.



AnalystJi App

SEBI Compliance Integration:
Yaxa Digital Labs integrated a robust SEBI compliance module into the platform. This feature allowed Investment Advisors and Research Analysts to verify and showcase their SEBI registration details, instilling confidence in investors regarding the authenticity of financial advice.

Security and Privacy Measures:
To address security and privacy concerns, Yaxa Digital Labs implemented advanced encryption protocols and secure communication channels. This ensured that all financial discussions on the platform remained confidential and protected from unauthorized access.

User-Centric Design:
The design team at Yaxa Digital Labs created an intuitive and user-friendly interface, considering the diverse user base of AnalystJi. The platform’s design facilitated easy navigation, enabling both novice and experienced investors to seamlessly interact with financial experts.

Real-time Communication System:
Yaxa Digital Labs developed a real-time communication system that allowed investors to post queries and receive prompt responses from registered Investment Advisors and Research Analysts. The responsive system contributed to a dynamic and engaging user experience.


The collaboration between AnalystJi and Yaxa Digital Labs resulted in the creation of a groundbreaking platform that redefined the landscape of financial advisory services in India. The SEBI-compliant platform provided investors with a trustworthy space to interact with experienced professionals, ensuring the authenticity of financial advice. The secure and user-friendly interface facilitated seamless communication, making AnalystJi a go-to platform for both seasoned and novice investors seeking expert guidance.

AnalystJi now stands as a trailblazer in the fintech industry, bridging the gap between investors and financial experts through digital innovation. Yaxa Digital Labs played a crucial role in the success of AnalystJi by delivering a technologically advanced platform that not only met but exceeded the client’s requirements, setting a new standard for digital financial services in India.

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1. Integration of Regulatory Compliance:

One of the primary challenges was to ensure that the platform adhered to SEBI regulations rigorously. This involved integrating features that verified and showcased the SEBI registration details of Investment Advisors and Research Analysts, fostering trust among the users.

2.Secure and Confidential Communication:

Given the sensitive nature of financial discussions, establishing a secure and confidential communication channel between advisors and investors was crucial. Implementing robust encryption and privacy measures presented a significant challenge.

3. User-Friendly Interface for Diverse Users:

Catering to both seasoned investors and those new to financial platforms required a delicate balance in the user interface. The challenge was to create an intuitive design that allowed for efficient communication and information exchange without overwhelming users.

Technology Stacks

We have used the latest technologies that can justify client requirements at the best to deliver bug-free solutions.


Technology Stacks

We have used the latest technologies that can justify client requirements at the best to deliver bug-free solutions.


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